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   I want my free will to be in accord

 with universe. I don't want it to be in

          the way of my fulfillment

Since we are all ONE and live in this unity universe where everything is interconnected, we have influence over everything. All our actions and thoughts, even the seemingly insignificant ones, ripple through our unity universe.

An NDEer once said to me: “Everything I do has influence on everything. Nothing is lost. It is a kind of law of conservation of energy. That is why we shouldn’t do to others what we don’t want for ourselves. Moreover, what we send, we’ll attract. We should also be mindful of our thoughts, because we create with our thoughts.”

Create positive ripples

We have to understand that we all have influence over the outcome. We are responsible for what we create with our ripples. In addition, we must realize that we are able to neutralize negative ripples. The power lies within our own minds, so it would be good to consciously and continuously create positive ripples and send out good vibrations. It is very important that each and every one of us does that, even when we may feel small and insignificant. We have to consciously create more light and more positive ripples, especially when there is a lot of darkness.

How to do this?

We should exercise our free will to be aligned with The Light, with the unconditional love. By doing so, we in fact voluntarily waive the use of free will of the ego. We discard the Self or the ego, which is very Hinduistic and Buddhistic. And this is actually what is meant in the Christian Lord’s Prayer when we say, “Yours will be done.” It is also the meaning of the word Muslim: the one who submits himself to Allah/God.

How do we get aligned?

Realize our participation in The Light and our interconnectedness with others and nature; intend to act compassionately and produce positive thoughts; alignment will be the result. In principle, it’s very easy.

Why isn’t there heaven on earth?

NDEers are convinced that everything happens for a good reason. They saw how very well our world with everything in it is constructed, and how well it forms a part of the unity universe. For non-NDErs, it is more difficult to see how this is. With our limited focus on the four-dimensions, we are insufficiently equipped to fully appreciate that truth. Therefore, the only thing we can do is to have confidence that all is well. Don’t be afraid of living. We have to trust that everything has a good purpose in unity universe. And we should trust that everyone is helped. If we are aligned with The Light, we will be led to our destiny, which will be most fulfilling from the point of view of the unity universe.


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